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My Favorite Books

Being a writer is usually an outcropping have having first been a reader who fell in love with a particular genre.  That was certainly true for me where science fiction and fantasy are involved. Below are the books I have enjoyed most over the years - some for the stories within and others for the manner of expression.  In a couple of cases both are true. Let me know your favorites by dropping me a line via my contact page.

The Count of Monte Cristo - Success, Love, Jealousy, Tragedy, Perseverance, Revenge...This story has it all!

A Canticle for Leibowitz - To me the finest post-apocalyptic book ever written. It does such justice in reflecting the frailty of the human condition and the grace that can come from faith and sacrifice.  


Snow Crash - Any story that opens with a skater harpooning the car of a sword wielding pizza delivery guy named Hiro Protagonist and ends with a supersonic dog crashing into the bad guy's plane is okay by me; a wild sequence of events and a story too vivid to describe in one paragraph.


The Stars My Destination - Okay, let's be honest, it's The Count of Monte Cristo done sci-fi style. But since I happen to love sci-fi, this only makes the story that much better. Plus Alfred Bester is a kick ass writer, even if he did steal the idea.

The Player of Games - My favorite "Culture" book from Iain M. Banks. A sci-fi story about a master game player thrust into a world of planetary intrigue. Simply awesome.


A Clockwork Orange - Wholly unique in its presentation. I've never read a more unique book and I'm not sure I ever will again. Anthony Burgess = Genius.A Clockwork Orange


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