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The Bubble


A four story anthology of thoughtful science fantasy short stories by author Raymond M. Walshe. In this volume you will find:


The Bubble


When Anna gets an opportunity to substitute teach in the Utopian Ochin Hills (a.k.a. The Bubble) she gets a glimpse of a better future there for her and her young son Alex. But once she's found a way to make a home there, the truth of what she sacrificed to live in the perfect place challenges everything she thought she knew standing on the outside looking in.


More Hero, Less  Human


Mercury Price is the world's greatest Uber Game champion. Victoria Chase is the investigative reporter looking to get to the truth of a sport she suspects has been rigged in his favor. What she finds is unexpected and tragic.


Legacy Troll


A down on his luck IT guy finds himself working graveyard in a computer server farm and soon realizes he is not alone.  Underneath the server room floor lurks an unbelievable secret that will change his life.


Regarding Walter


A lot can change in a thousand years. As a former insurance executive contemplates his new life a thousand years in the future, he is brought face to face with a man he once knew living a hardscrabble life in the streets of Los Angeles.


The Muses


Have you ever wondered what inspired a story? Raymond M. Walshe shares his inspirations for the stories found in this volume in a special addendum to the anthology called The Muses.



The Ralguudian Assumption

The first science fiction novella in the Tom Panik series by author Raymond M. Walshe:


Intergalactic Freighters and the aliens that pilot them aren't supposed to exist, but one has exploded near the asteroid belt of our solar system. Tom Panik, the best claims adjuster in the business, receives a call from Ian Cadbury, a shady London underwriter he's desperate to avoid. Tom learns Ian has written an insurance policy on the demolished freighter. He need's Tom's help; the aliens are demanding payment and only the fate of humanity hangs in the balance.

Tom must travel around the world, into the deep reaches of the solar system and far beyond to learn what's happened, understand the rules of the intergalactic game and find a way to keep the Ralguudians, eager to seize Earth and enslave its inhabitants, at bay. He is aided along the way by Colonel Paula Hernandez, a combat tested marine veteran assigned to see that Panik gets what he needs to do the job, even if it means sacrificing her life to save his.

The Muse

As with his prior published work, the author offers insight into what inspired The Ralguudian Assumption story.

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