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It started with a little pumpkin...


When my daughter was born without a left foot, I was inspired to write a story for her about a little white pumpkin named Snowy. He was different than the other pumpkins, but didn't know why. I wanted my little girl to know she was different for a reason - that she'd been made for a special purpose - even if we didn't know what it was.  If you go to my gallery you will see her on the front right side of the raft, having a blast. In her young life she has amazed friends and acquaintances with her generous heart and indomitable spirit. She has also grown up to love skiing, hiking, surfing, biking and philosophy.


This was the first short story I wrote from whole cloth and it has been a treasure to my daughter and our family for many years. I plan to make the story available on later this year and as a free PDF download for families with special needs children.

Coming Soon
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