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Let the Other Shoe Drop


Let the other shoe drop - for I no longer care

Bad things can happen - anytime, anywhere


Just when we think - the worst is through

another worse something - arrives to us new


Its much like a shadow - that stays close by

hiding behind us - on light's other side


Yet we cannot see the bad - without the presence of good

For calling up up - in the absence of down - could not be understood


So what shall it be? - Should we dodge any risk

in the hopes that less living - will shorten the list?


Let the other shoe drop - Let it fall fast and far

We can take up the challenge - maybe rise to the stars


Don't step back from life - for the bad that can be

I have felt a shoe drop - and it hasn’t killed me


Like mines in a field - with heaven’s gate just in sight

we will not get to heaven - if we surrender to fright


Let the other shoe drop - I could use one more shoe

for I’ve only got one - and to walk further....I’ll need two

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