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My Stories

My portfolio of works includes over 20 stories, plus several poems and musical compositions. Several of my stories are being actively shopped with Sci-Fi magazines while others are in various stages of development. A few of the short stories below are now available in a mini-anthology on My stories explore a wide spectrum of future possibilities for humanity, both humorous and tragic, here and beyond Earth, in our universe and in and alternate universes and histories. I strive to make the voice of each story unique, thought provoking, and - hopefully - compelling.

The Bubble - One of the stories in The Bubble anthology


When Anna gets an opportunity to substitute teach in the utopian Ochin Hills (a.k.a. The Bubble) she gets a glimpse of a better future there for her and her young son Alex. But once she's found a way to make a home there, the truth of what she sacrificed to live in the perfect place challenges everything she thought she knew standing on the outside looking in.

Legacy Troll - One of the stories in The Bubble anthology

A down-on-his-luck IT guy finds himself working graveyard in a computer server farm and soon realizeshe is not alone.  Underneath the server room floor lurks an unbelievable secret, one he is hesitant to get to the truth of at first, but once he knows he realizes the secret must be shared or lives will be lost.

More Hero, Less Human - One of the stories in The Bubble anthology​

Mercury Price is the world's greatest Uber Game champion. Victoria Chase is the investigative reporter looking to get to the truth of a sport she suspects has been rigged in his favor. What she finds is unexpected and more terrible than she ever imagined.

The Ralguudian Assumption

The first science fiction novella in the Tom Panik series by author Raymond M. Walshe:


Intergalactic Freighters and the aliens that pilot them aren't supposed to exist, but one has exploded near the asteroid belt of our solar system. Tom Panik, the best claims adjuster in the business, receives a call from Ian Cadbury, a shady London underwriter he's desperate to avoid. Tom learns Ian has written an insurance policy on the demolished freighter. He need's Tom's help; the aliens are demanding payment and only the fate of humanity hangs in the balance.

A Mote in Isabella's Eye


Lance is a spotter for the most powerful weapon ever devised by humanity against Mother Nature. To deploy it, he must make a snap decision and break protocol. But now the baby he saved only hours before will become an orphan if he cannot find her parents, trapped at the bottom of the ocean by his hands.

In Production
And What of the Giants?

A peace accord has been brokered between two nations. One makes war machines for their defense, the other flesh and blood giants. According to the agreement, the machines will be destroyed but Liam, an avowed White Steward and sworn tender of the giant Maneous, must also agree to put his giant down. Faced with a hard truth to bring lasting peace, how can a man kill the giant he has come to know as a father does his son?

In Production
The Moonlit Days


Wil and Rey are packed up and ready for a day racing across the massive Dunes near the ancient abandoned town of Cabazon. A major Santana has blown through and uncovered secrets of the past with unfortunate results. If they can't find shelter before the searing night sun rises, they might not live to see another moonlit day.

In Production
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