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I was a late comer to the art of writing, not considering it seriously until my late 20's when a friend encouraged me to enter a contest in the Orange County Register called "Dreamscapes." The paper would publish a picture by artist Craig Pursley and invite subscribers to write a 300 word short story about it. Each month a new picture was published and each month several hundred aspiring writers would send in their short stories about the pic. When my stories were selected three times in six tries (only five stories out of hundreds were selected for print in the paper), I was hooked.

Turns out that was the easy part. Stories longer than 300 words demand a greater understanding of the art than I started with. Since then I have had pair of semi-pro sales (Legacy Troll and More Hero, Less Human) and many near misses with SFWA qualified Sci-Fi markets.  When I'm not writing, I'm in Los Angeles underwriting large commercial property like power plants, computer chip manufacturing and forging mills that keep my creative juices flowing with the need to answer one burning question: What if?


I have a keen interest in economics and organizational behavior that often find their way into my stories, as do bits and pieces of my work, family and the many places I have visited both here and abroad. You can now find some of my stories on!

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