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It's Gonna Get You


Flesh eating bacteria, Mad Cow Disease

Ebola Virus? Now don’t you dare sneeze!

Cancer from cell phones and high power lines

Water can kill you if mixed with strychnine


The news is abuzz when a few people die

From an obscure disease that most can’t surmise

There’s death all around us, so many things kill

Don’t drink that soda! Don’t take this pill!


The truth is that we have less now to fear

Than generations past for thousands of years

No famine, no war, our country is strong

But you never would know by listening too long


The news and talk shows broadcast on TV

The latest horrifically deadly disease

The studies that prove now that broccoli is bad

And coffee! So many new studies we’ve had


Second hand smoke is suggested as worse

Than the smoke that the other guy inhaled first!

Does all this make sense? Are the odds very high

That we will all meet an untimely demise?


If considered with wisdom, the ratings removed

It becomes clear to see who’s playing the stooge

The clowns in the media have master’s degrees

In hype and hoopla and selling the tease


The ones with the knowledge are shaking their heads

It’s hard to believe that the masses are led

To worry and fret about not what they see

But what they have heard another perceive


There’s no cheating death so ignore all the fuss

You could choke on dinner or get hit by a bus

It just seems so crazy, these people in strife

Intead of dwelling on doom, just get a life!

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